About Brian

Welcome to Brian Lane Designs. I am Brian and I thank you for giving us a visit. My desire is to create something beautiful that you will be proud to display in your home, or to help you get the supplies you need to do that yourself. Whether your tastes are whimsical or formal, modern or traditional, I have you covered with both pre-made and custom designs.

Brian Lane Designs started with my passion for floral design during the initial stages of COVID. I was a hairstylist for 27 years, and also had a passion for building custom artificial floral designs for my own home and for friends. When COVID caused the hair salon to close, I decided to start offering my floral designs to a wider audience, and I was thrilled that people responded well.

After several months of designing, including live designs online where people could watch the process, other designers started asking where I get my premium floral supplies. So I started helping others get access to premium supplies that they could not get at the local craft stores. Now Brian Lane Designs offers both finished designs and the supplies to make them. In addition to designs and supplies, we now also offer both free online design sessions and advanced private group training sessions.

My ultimate goal is to make sure that customers and 100% satisfied with their purchases. Whether it’s premade designs you are looking for or if you prefer to build your own, I’m here to support that too with supplies that I am proud to offer.

Thank you for stopping by my site. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Happy Designing!
Brian Furkin
Brian Lane Designs